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Product of Belarus. Exclusively Imported and Distributed by Auberron Brands LLC.

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Our Story

We know a thing or two about birch water harvesting, with a rich history of sourcing a beverage enjoyed for thousands of years in Northern and Eastern Europe.


...while backpacking in the rural areas of eastern Belarus, we passed through a small village where a family was selling pure birch sap recently harvested from the nearby forest. This was the season when the people of the area were taking advantage of gathering this sweet liquid treat that exists within the trunks and branches of the birch trees in the forests. The locals called it byarozavik, and explained that it was a regular tradition of their forefathers to harvest this birch sap and drink it straight-up, or ferment the liquid into alcoholic beverages. They also believed it contained medicinal qualities and used it for healing. When we learned of the nutrients & natural hydration that it contained...

Today, it is commonplace to extract and consume birch water as a regular routine in Belarus and other parts of Europe, and we wanted to bring this refreshing and hydrating beverage directly to you! Hence, we created Breza Birch Water! Our products are bottled by a leading Belarus beverage producer, in business for over 50 years, with internationally certified quality control.

Our birch water is commonly known for its detoxifying, diuretic, cleansing and purifying properties. It helps eliminate organic wastes such as cholesterol and uric acid, and is also an anti-inflammatory. Its naturally-occurring nutrients include more than 20 trace minerals, or micronutrients (including magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, & vitamin B & C). Birch water is naturally hydrating and rejuvenating, and promotes vitality and wellness.

the future of

breza  birch water

We take much pride in our birch water products, and are passionate about sharing our amazing products with you! That's why we continue to strive to launch new birch water products based on market research. 

The Beautiful Country

of Belarus

FAQs about Birch Water

Common Questions About Birch Water & Its Health Benefits, and Your Customer Experience.