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birch water is pure sap directly tapped from birch trees

A traditional beverage enjoyed for thousands of years in Northern & Eastern Europe, known for its light, crisp, refreshing taste. We are all-natural, Non-GMO, and USDA Organic Certified.

Trees are our factory — after a winter of storing a variety of rich nutrients, we tap the trees to obtain the purest product.


Birch Water

Organic Birch Water


Birch Water

health benefits

Not from Concentrate

No Artificial Ingredients

Low in Sugar

Contains Naturally Occurring Substances Shown to Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties and Reduce Organic Wastes such as Cholesterol and Uric Acid (If Consumed on a Regular Basis)

Naturally Hydrating & Rejuvenating, and Promotes Vitality & Wellness

20 Naturally-Occurring Trace Minerals , or Micronutrients, Including

       - Magnesium 

       - Potassium 

       - Iron 

       - Phosphorus 

       - Manganese 

       - Calcium 

       - Zinc

       - Vitamins B & C


Birch Trees are Highly-Effective Natural Air Pollution Busters!

Birch trees are highly-effective natural air pollution busters! According to Professor Barbara Maher’s research at the University of Lancaster (U.K.), birch trees are able to absorb over 50% of the particulate dust, which is linked to respiratory problems. Birches are better air pollution cleaners than most other species of trees!